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Myka 9 & Profound – Nine Clouds album release 01/22/21

Myka 9 & Profound – Nine Clouds album release 01/22/21

About album

Limited Edition Vinyl Release Coming Soon


  1. Microphone Mike 1:58 ft. Dj Essential
  2. Cloud Nine 4:00
  3. Fresh Dope 3:13 ft. Aceyalone
  4. Joy & Pain 4:30 ft. Blu
  5. Satisfy My Soul 4:18 ft. Abstract Rude & Joaquin Daniels
  6. Keep Keepin On 3:01 ft. Lily Fangz
  7. City Dreams 3:42 ft Blueprint
  8. Time Will Tell 4:09 ft. The Grouch & Eligh
  9. It’s All Profound 1:53

A-OK All Day Records presents “Joy & Pain”, the new single from Los Angeles emcee Myka 9, featuring fellow LA lyricist Blu. “Joy & Pain” is the lead single from Nine Clouds, Myka’s forthcoming collaboration album with producer Profound, who tragically passed away just after the album’s completion. Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Eligh & The Grouch of Living Legends, Blueprint, Lily Fangz, Joaquin Daniels and DJ Essentials also appear on the album. Myka redefined the boundaries of rhyme and meter as a founding member of Los Angeles collective Freestyle Fellowship (“Innercity Boundaries” on Youtube) and has also released several solo albums. Blu made his mark via his Beneath The Heavens album alongside producer Exile. Founded by DJ A-OK, A-OK All Day is an independent hip-hop record label based on the Hawaiian island of Kauai which is “dedicated to a pure Hip Hop sound created with integrity and devotion. Soulful soundscapes and noteworthy lyrics lay the foundation to ignite that profound human experience only stirred by music that stands the test of time. Everything is Everything.”

Artist: MYKA 9 & BLU – JOY & PAIN
Genres: Beats, Hip Hop, Instrumental
Release Date: 01/02/2020
Label: A-Ok All Day Records